Advertising Proposal

Prepared For

Leonard Quiller, Brand manager
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.



Coldwel Banker company is a provider of real estate services and is seeking to reach an affluent audience departing from nine US cities.

This proposal sets out the services AdPulse Media will provide to XYZ to effectively reach the target audience in order to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive website traffic for online travel booking
  • Grow revenue


Due on receipt
Ad Campaign::

Company Name


Travel, Business Opportunities

Desktop, Mobile Apps & Tablets- all browsers, all O/S.

Banner ad design, 5 IAB sizes: 300X250, 728X90, 160X600, 320X50 mobile, 300X50 mobile

Naples, Ft Myers, palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Jupiter, FL, Chicago IL, Detroit MI

Age 40+, Hight Net worth.

Your ad will be placed above the fold.

Re-display your meterial to any anonymous site visitor.

Manage, test, refine and ultimately improve your campaign.

Sites, impressions, clicks, CTR

Ad Impressions Budget
75,000 $500
150000 $1000 (Includes Retargeting)
300000 $1500 (Includes Retargeting)

targeted digital advertising

About us

AdPulse Media delivers custom-built digital advertising solutions by combining premium ad placements, engaging creative, precise audience targeting, effective retargeting, campaign management and comprehensive reporting.

The company’s experience spans more than three thousand ad campaigns, ranging from small businesses seeking local online presence to large brands requiring complex data-driven ad strategies.

The AdPulse Media team includes experienced account managers, graphic designers and in-house ad operations responsible for all ad campaign creation & management, media buying, ad placements, optimization, and quality control.

Our client base includes many well-known national brands, agencies and businesses of every size or budget. We primarily work with clients throughout the USA and Canada, and have also served clients in the UK, Australia, France, Spain, China, India, Dubai, Switzerland, Romania, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Norway and Hong Kong.

We work with all major data providers to create custom audience segments and have access to the digital ad inventory on every leading ad network and ad exchange. Private deals for placement on premium, invite-only publishers are also available.

How we work

What to expect when working with AdPulse Media.
No long-Term Contracts

There`s no long-term contract or obligation beyond your purchased ad plan. See good results, come back and scale up for more!

Flat-Rate Pricing

All ad campaigns are purchased for a simple flat-rate price. Everything is included so you’ll always know your exact cost upfront.

Planning & Strategy

We take the time to understand your offer, your objectives and your target audience to effectively reach your campaign goals.

Competitive Research

We investigate where similar advertisers have been placing ads and get insight into what’s working (or not working) and on which sites.

Ad Design

Our design team will create custom-designed banner ads and send to you by email for your approval prior to going live online.


We custom-build your ad campaign to reach your target audience as they're actively researching the products or services you sell.


We’ll provide a small snippet of code for you to place on your website. This creates an anonymous retargeting list of people who visited your site.

Ad Placement

Your ads are placed across a large network of sites, near content that relates to your offer, positioned near the top of web pages so they’re seen without having to scroll.


We monitor your campaign and adjust for more exposure on the best performing sites. Placements and audience segments are added or deleted & adjusted as necessary.


Track campaign performance reporting in real-time. Log in anytime and see all the sites where your ads appear, ad impressions, clicks, CTR, and more.

Supported Ad Sizes

Display advertising by the numbers


Display advertising predicted to overtake search as the top online ad segment.

Source: eMarketer


349% increase in website visits from online audience targeting strategies.

Source: comScore


Above-the-fold ads are seven times more effective at generating a click-through.

Source: Mediapost


70% increase in conversions after being exposed to repeated retargeting ads.

Source: comScore


20% increase in brand searches by people who see a business display ad.

Source: Online Publishers Assn


63% of tablet owners have made a purchase from their device.

Source: eMarketer


75% of Americans bring their mobile phones to the bathroom.

Source: Gigiday


25% of consumers engage in online shopping only via mobile.

Source: Prosper Insights

When people respond:


31% click on the display ad & visit the advertiser’s site.


27% conduct a search for the product, company or brand.


21% type the company web address in their browser and directly navigate to the advertiser’s site.


9% research more information about the product being advertised through social media.


119% increase in sales lift results from the combination of search and online display ads.


38% of users who respond to a display ad learned about the company for the first time.