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Ad Placement

Where will my ads appear?

Placement of your ads depends on your targeting, geographic selections and the amount of ad exposure you purchase. Your ads will be shown only to your chosen audience on a variety of high-quality sites related to what you’re selling.

Our network of sites includes hundredss of topic-specific websites, blogs & focused niche sites in every category. Every site has been pre-qualified for quality & relevant content.

We place ads “above the fold” so they’re immediately visible without having to scroll down. This is proven to be seven times more effective than ads placed elsewhere on a web page.

Your ads will be shown more often on the sites where they perform best.

Can I choose the individual sites?

You cannot choose the individual sites where your ads are shown. Instead, you select the exact audience of the users that you want to reach.

We'll custom build a site list according to your targeting requirements.

Audience targeting removes the guesswork of trying to select individual sites. Placing ads on a variety of different sites increases the effectiveness of any ad campaign.

However, you can suggest any sites you'd like to appear on, or sites you want to exclude from your ad campaign.

Are there any types of ads you do not accept?

We do not accept ads promoting illegal activities, prohibited content or adult-related ads Ads and any offers must not be false, deceptive or misleading.

To learn more, see our