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Mobile Advertising

What is mobile advertising?

Our mobile advertising platform reaches consumers on their mobile phones and tablets with highly targeted ads based on the places they go offline.

Marketers know that the places people go, and what they do, are the best indicators of their purchase behavior.

These mobile ads can perform 4-5 times better than online ads.

How does mobile targeting work?

Our location-based mobile advertising uses the GPS technology built into mobile phones to capture offline consumer activity, in a way that was never before possible with other types advertising.

By understanding offline, real-world consumer behavior, we can precisely identify and reach a very highly targeted audience.

You’ll reach new customers as they browse popular mobile sites or interact with mobile apps.

What is hyper-local targeting?

For local or regional businesses, using GPS technology, we can display your mobile ads within any pre-defined radius around any location.

We’ll show your ads on mobile sites and mobile apps to people near your business, or near your competitors.

Integration with all the major mobile networks and ad exchanges provides exposure wherever people go on the mobile web.