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What about site visitors from other traffic sources?

Retargeting can include all of your site visitors, regardless of the traffic source. Visitors that arrived from search engines, links from other websites, or media buys on other ad networks can all be funneled in your retargeting audience.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a type of targeted online advertising that allows your ads to show only to people who have previously visited your website or searched for specific keywords.

Users see these ads that seem to “follow” them all over the web and are reminded about your products or services. Retargeting brings these users to your site which is well proven to increase conversion rates and boost ROI.

Which retargeting solution should I use?

AdPulse Media provides both search retargeting and site retargeting to engage those high-intent individuals who have already demonstrated their interest. You can choose one or both within a campaign and pay only one flat-rate price.

These two strategies do not compete but are complimentary to each other. Search retargeting brings you new prospects, while site retargeting brings back the projected 98% of site visitors who don’t convert on their first visit.

Site Retargeting:

Site retargeting shows your ads exclusively to people who have previously visited your website, but left without making a purchase.

Search Retargeting:

Search retargeting allows you to target ads based on search behavior. Your ads are only shown to people who are already looking for your products or services or your competitors.

Why is retargeting so effective?

Retargeting is well proven to be the most effective way to increase conversions and boost ROI. Ad campaigns that include retargeting generate much higher click-through rates and increased conversions.

Typically, only 2% of a website’s visitors will convert on the first visit. Retargeting engages and brings back the other 98% when they’re ready to purchase.

How does retargeting work?

To set up a retargeting campaign, we provide you with a snippet of JavaScript code (sometimes called a “pixel”) that you paste into the footer of your website.

The code has no effect on your website or your site’s performance. Every time a new visitor comes to your site, the code sends an anonymous browser “cookie”.

Then, when that visitor browses the web, your ads are served to only to people who have previously visited your site and received that anonymous code.

For search retargeting, you just provide your keyword list and ads are only shown to people who have recently searched for those keywords.

Don't have a proven keyword list? We provide pre-built search retargeting campaigns - just ask.

What about user privacy?

A retargeting campaign does not collect any personally identifiable information and is conducted completely anonymously.

Can I track my campaign’s performance?

Our advertiser dashboard shows you campaign reporting in real-time. Log in and see the sites where your ads appear, ad impressions, clicks, CTR, etc.

Where will my ads appear?

Placement of your ads depends on your targeting, geographic selections and the amount of ad exposure you purchase. Your ads will be shown only to your chosen audience on a variety of high-quality sites related to what you’re selling.

Our network of sites includes hundredss of topic-specific websites, blogs & focused niche sites in every category. Every site has been pre-qualified for quality & relevant content.

We place ads “above the fold” so they’re immediately visible without having to scroll down. This is proven to be seven times more effective than ads placed elsewhere on a web page.

Your ads will be shown more often on the sites where they perform best.

Where do retargeting ads appear?

Your ads will be shown to users everywhere they go online. Our integration with all major ad networks and ad exchanges provides access to over 95% of display inventory on the web.

All sites have been verified for quality, and if necessary, we can blacklist any sites where you don’t want your ads to appear.