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How do you reach my audience?

When a consumer browses the web and visits a web site, the keywords they’ve searched, the pages they visit, the time they view each page, the links they click on and the content they interact with, can all be mined to create a data profile that (anonymously) attaches to that visitor's web browser. As a result, this behavioral data can be used to create highly targeted, customized audience segments.

Similarly, but without having to tag a user’s web browser, specific web pages with content that relates to your offer can be identified. Ads can then be served only to those high performing, most relevant pages. Your ads can be shown not just on relevant sites, but on pages deep within a website as visitors view content that’s highly relevant to your offer.

Depending on the ad campaign, we often recommend combining both page-level targeting and behavioral targeting. This provides the greatest reach and provides the most effective ad performance. Ongoing optimization then adjusts the campaign according to the most successful outcomes.

What is behavioral targeting?

Behavioral targeting is an advanced method used to reach a specific group of people within a target market. Ads are served on sites across the web, but only to people within the pre-defined audience segments.

Using cutting-edge machine learning, we custom-build specific audience profiles based on search & browsing behaviors exhibited online. By combining various criteria like keywords searched, pages visited, content consumed, competitor visits, brand affinities and more, we can create a precise audience segments of “in-market” buyers for any product or service.

Behavioral targeted ads sometimes seem to “follow” the user as they browse different sites online in order to capture their attention, display your offer and direct them to your site. This can also make your brand look much bigger and more prominent to your target audience, as your ads seem to appear “everywhere”.

What is page-level targeting?

Page-level targeting is a targeting method used to reach a target audience at the exact moment they’re interacting with specific web content. Ad serving technology allows the ads to be served in real-time only to people visiting a particular page within a website.

Ads are shown to the visitors of pre-selected, hand-vetted pages that include content that aligns closely with your offer. Your prospects see your ads at the precise moment they’re researching your topic and considering their purchasing options.