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Pricing & Billing

How much does it cost?

All ad packages are purchased for a simple flat rate price. Simply select how much advertising exposure you’d like and your ads will be shown accordingly.

This way, you’ll always know your exact cost upfront. There's no expensive pay-per-click charges or any additional fees.

Everything is included. You get professional ad design, precise audience targeting, placement of your ads across a large network of quality websites and ongoing campaign otimization.

There's no long-term contract or obligation beyond your purchased ad plan (although once you see good results, we hope you'll be back and scale up for more)!

What are my payment options?

You can pay securely online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal.

Please inquire to send a company check or bank wire transfer.

All prices indicated are one-time fees in U.S. dollars.

How do I renew or cancel my campaign?

Your ads will run until the end of your campaign.

There's no long-term contract so you can pay as you go each campaign. Before the end of your ad campaign, you’ll receive an email notification giving you plenty of time to change plans, try new ads, or renew.

This makes it easy for you to continue advertising month-to-month without interruption and without long-term commitments.